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WW1 Kriegsmarine Sword , Identification help !

Article about: Just got this a few hours ago. Sword made by ges gesch, has some ornate designs on the blade looks like a crown and two crossed arms Annoyed from this ads?   Any ideas what exactly this

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    May I suggest if you are to try and clean it, The steel wool needs to be #0000 grade. I would also soak it in oil to soften it up. There is also a product called simichrome polish that does a very nice job of removing fine rust and and will bring a very nice polish to the blade. Then I would move on to the steel wool if you are not happy with the polish. The polish can be found at Home depot ,walmart and many other stores in the US.
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    Thanks for your help ! I will look into that ...amazing to think where this sword has been !

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    I would suggest that you NOT take steel wool to it, it WILL leave the blade looking like it had been cleaned with steel wool. It will leave scratches that will always be visable. I would suggest you use either Flitz or Autosol, both are fine polishes and you can go as far as you like with it. Then treat it with Ren Wax to protect and preserve it.
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