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WW1 Mess Tin - Maker ?

Article about: Picked up this WW1 German Mess Tin. Looked through the imperial threads hoping to find another one to compare with it. Taller by 3cm than WW2 German Mess Tin and has four soup ration marks a

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    Interesting thread the only German ww1 mess kit I had was marked Bing 1918 and enamled a od green I think Bing was suposed to be a German toy maker or I may have read that somewhere I have a friend that has a extensive German ww1 collection and he has some eariler ones as shown. I have a black one like the last or later ones posted and it is unmarked I was under the impression it was Reichwere It is aluminum. timothy

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    Thanks Chip I didn't know about the carrier the other one was a surprise with the steel top its funny years ago Rick (GWM) had a steel boiler (painful lol!) but no top now I have the top but no bottom lol!!
    I love your kits with the original paint.


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    My last two kits are just a Bing and a Silesia enameled version. Would like to find some more transitional patterns.


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    Hello Timothy
    Bing made quality toys for decades with the tall ally messkits a rule of thumb for me if they are not marked to usually be post W1 maybe something to do with treaties etc at some point they also dropped the inside spork platform, anyway they are not as exciting to collect.
    Anyone else got kits to show come on gents lets see them!


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    A kit by Eschebach Radeberg enamel inside painted exterior the cup is by Stahl und Eisen St Leon (Bade-Wurtemberg) thanks to info from Chip.

    Click image for larger version. 

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