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WWI veteran medal bar

Article about: Hi, Annoyed from this ads?   I'd like to have some opinions about this medal bar. I observed Hindenburg Cross was modified to be better positioned with EKII at medal bar. Examining EKII

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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    The Ek2 is a TR era piece. I would guess that it
    was made by Deumer or S/L.
    In other forum someone has said me this EKII is a non magnetic Deumer.

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    nice bar.

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    RR, IMO most probably a wartime Deumer produced EK II, and a nice one at that !
    I have the same cross (with non magnetic core) mounted on a post war medal bar...............
    Prost ! Steve.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WWI veteran medal bar   WWI veteran medal bar  

    WWI veteran medal bar   WWI veteran medal bar  

    "The German Army is the perfectly adapted, perfectly running Machine. The difference is that the Germans are organised with a view to War...with the cold, hard, practical and business-like purpose of winning victories."
    G.W. Steevens - The Daily Mail (1897)

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    Very nice bar with indeed a lovely TR made Deumer EK. Congrats on the new acquisition!


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