I've had this flag for decades and use it as a table cover at shows but thought it might be of interest to the forum members.

It appears to be marked (in cyrillic) "D. F. ?/x Vologda" for the ship. It measures approximately 210 x 270cm. It still has its original hemp rope through the hoist. Sorry I could completely lay it out to photograph.

From my research the Vologda was built in England in 1902/03. There is a ship listed as the Orlitsa (ex-Vologda) shown on this site http://www.hazegray.org/navhist/carr...ia/orlitsa.jpg

I'm not sure if it's the same ship but it seems that it could be.

Here is more info from Axis History Forum • *Transport ships of USSR in 1941-1945 - any info!!

3. Transport "Orlitsa" (ex-Baltic Navy seaplane carrier of WWI period), which were reequipped by Leningrad North Shipyard into refrigerator cargo-passenger ship "Sovet" in 1923. Built by Caledon, Dundee. Launched 1902 or 1903. Purchased by Russia in 1913, converted into seaplane carrier in 1913-1915, completed 20 Feb 1915, immobilized/inactive after 4/1918 - participated in "ice-march" to Kronshtadt, in merchant navy again since 1923 (Leningrad-London route), under repair in Kiel (Germany) in 1929-1930. I know that "Sovet" was used in Pacific since the beginning of 1930s and participated in hard polar expedition to Vrangel island in 1932 as single ship.

Sovet (Совет)
WWII Registration: UNYF
Builder: Dundee Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
Location: Dundee
Delivered in 1903 / 2673 GRT
1903 Completed as VOLODGA (Handelshaus Gebr. Lassmann)
1910 IMPERATRITZA ALEKSANDRA (Helmsing & Grimm, Latvia)
1913 ORLITSA (Russian Navy) converted to seaplane carrier
1915 Conversion completed 02.15
1915 Transferred to Riga autumn 15
1917 Participated in operations in Gulf of Riga
1918 SOVET (Soviet Navy) transport ship
1918 Laid up 04.18
1918 SOVET (GLAVODU) 27.10.18 decomissioned
1922 SOVET (GBP) 20.07.22 as refrigerated cargo/pax ship
1925 SOVET (STF-BGK) 01.04.25
1935 SOVET (DGMP) 03.35
1938 Used as military transport to Lake Khasan 07.38
1958 Broken up
Note: FESCO history says written off in 1964; not broken up in 1958

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