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Russian cossack sword 1881 ???

Article about: Hello what are your thoughts on this sword is this a Chinese copy or ?? thank you for your time and help Tony

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    Default Russian cossack sword 1881 ???

    what are your thoughts on this sword
    is this a Chinese copy or ??
    thank you for your time and help
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    Genuine I think - used by the Iranians.
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    In fact it's so called 'dragoon' sword 1881 for low rank soldiers, not 'cossack'.

    Cossak swords would not have a handguard.

    The sword itself looks authentic. The scabbard is not 'native' though, since it has to be made of wood with metal fitting (image is attached). Yours is rather of an earlier sword's brands (1841?).

    The writings are indeed an Arabic numbers. The one that corresponds to "1910 8" (see Richie B's comment) may mean the date i.e. August 1910.

    Indigenous Moslem population of Russian Empire from Caucasus, Volga-Ural region, Central Asia used an Arabic script.

    Though not enlisted, dozens thousands of them used to serve in Russian army as an irregulars (low ranks) and volunteers (career officers).

    Therefore this sword could of has been in a possesion of a soldier with the Caucasian 'Wild Division' (WW1) or any other Moslem soldier with the Russian army.
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    thank you very much for the info very interesting
    much appreciated

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    As Richie B said, the first saber is a later period Persian (Iranian) manufactured cavalry saber that is a reasonably close copy (except for the steel scabbard) of the Imperial Russian Dragoon Shashka - 1881 pattern (or system). With at some point after WW II Iran making its own copies of prewar Mauser carbines that it had imported previously from Czechoslovakia. So while I personally suspect that is when they were made, I don't have confirmation as to a date. Also, besides the markings the fit and finish are very different between the two. That said, the second saber does appear to be an Imperial Russian Dragoon Shashka for either NCO's, or possibly mounted Artillery soldiers that did not have the bayonet mounting rings on the scabbard for the rifle bayonets of the ordinary enlisted men. With the difference there being one of length with the Dragoon Shashka blades at roughly 87 cm versus 76 cm for the somewhat later Artillery version. Best Regards, Fred

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    Hey Guys

    I'm pretty new to the site but have a small collection of ww2 trench art and some weapons.. However I've never purchased a sword/dagger before as I usually stick to trench art and rifles so any help or advice on sword collecting would be great!

    I have seen a sword which according to the seller is a Cossack Shashka (possibly Russian) it has carved or stamped Arabic/ Islamic numerals (numbers translated to 3897) on the. it also appears to have a number 9 and a sickle? stamped on the pommel.
    was just wondering what your guys thoughts are on it, any more information or perhaps date of it ect? im just cautious that it is a reproduction or at-least not as old as the seller thinks.

    Cheers Guys!
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    Not really IMO a reproduction per se, to me it looks to be a conversion of the legitimate later period (post WW II) Persian cavalry saber (see the first post). A sword that was a relatively close copy of the Russian 1881 Cavalry Shashka - seen now as trying to imitate the Cossack pattern. As originally made (in Persia) with steel scabbards and a single knuckle bow/handguard - said hand guard (and steel scabbard) now removed.

    So it would seem that your instincts are correct , alerting you to a misrepresentation of what the seller is trying to pass off as a period legitimate item. Best Regards, Fred

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    A double posting, here is a link to the other discussion:

    Russian Shaska style Cossack sword?

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