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Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber

Article about: hi. guys. i apologize for really poor pics but i have only theese. for me good one but only to be sure. maybe the hook is repaired? its a cheap one and i like it. thank you very much.... Ann

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    im glad to hear it. thanks waiting now for ek II set with ,,urkunde,, so ill post it in couple of days.....

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    Circuit advertisement Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber
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    Hi bacilko30

    A very nice little group and the price was fantastic!

    The solid zinc FCL Design ISA matches the time-frame (date) on the document IMO and what I would expect to see.
    The document type is the most frequently encountered variation but it's in great shape.

    The really nice thing about this set is the linage of the unit "Gren. Regt. 670"

    The Inf. Regt 670 was training in Belgium, March 1942 with the AOK 15 (15th Army) and was part of the 371. Infanterie Division.

    1/,2/,3 Infantry Regiment 669
    1/,2/,3 Infantry Regiment 670
    1/,2/,3 Infantry Regiment 671
    1/,2/,/3,/4 Artillery Regiment 371
    371 Anti-Tank Battalion
    371 Reconnaissance Battalion
    371 Engineer Battalion
    371 Signals Battalion
    371 Divisional (Einheiten) Support Units

    In October 1942 the Infantry Regiment 670 was renamed Gren-Regt. 670 - 371. Infanterie Div.
    The 371. Infanterie Div. was assigned to the IV Army Corps which was under the command of the Sixth Army.

    The Regiment was destroyed at Stalingrad sometime in January 1943

    Below is the history of the reformation 371. Infanterie Division.

    It was reformed by the Order of 17 February 1943 from the 156th Reserve Division and rejoined the war effort as a Kampfgruppe on 3/1/43. It became a full
    division on 6/9/43. On 6/5/43 it detached the 1/669th IR to the 334th ID and the 3/670th to the 10th Panzer Division on 11/8/43 (it was replaced). Later, on 11/5/43, it detached the 1/671st IR to form the 943rd Grenadier Regiment of the 353rd Infantry Division (21st Wave) and the 3/371st was used to form the 2/272nd Artillery Regiment (22nd Wave).
    In addition, the reconnaissance battalion was detached to the 353th ID to become its fusilier battalion. The division was taken prisoner by Deutsch-Brod by the Russians in 1945.

    Best regards, fischer

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    thank you very much for your historical interpretation. great to have a piece of history from an unit which took part in this gigantic battle....

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