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Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber - L/56 (Funcke & Brüninghaus)

Article about: Hi, Annoyed from this ads?   It was a long time since I added an ISA, but I could not resist this very nice L/56 Funcke & Brüninghaus. Hope you like it. /Jonas

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    Hi Jonas

    I have to agree with Sven's analysis of this L/56 marked ISA and going off of your images, I would not want this one.

    As stated, this one has several attributes that make it very dangerous especially since accepted original F&BL examples are known for their flaws and surface blemishes.

    In your first set of pics, the finish jumps out for me. It is very "hero" like and I have seen it on other high end fakes.
    The soft details are another bad indicator as Sven mentions and I do not like the prevalent surface pitting.
    Another point is the wear to the high points of the badge yet the finish coating is still in place.

    And, knowing the L/56 variation is one favored by the hero to copy raises additional red flags for me.

    Best Regards, fischer

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    Thanks Sven and fischer for your analysis...who had seen that coming. Need to speak with the dealer about this one.

    Any idea from where these fakes are coming (US, Germany etc.)?


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    These come from Germany. Where they are actually manufactured, I cannot say for certain.

    Best Regards, fischer

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    Hello Jonas,

    Hero is the nick name of a dealer in Dortmund, Germany. As Fischer already mentioned we don't know where they are manufactured.
    I hope you can give it back without any problems!


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