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Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber, Tombac?

Article about: Here is the next. seems to be a tombac badge too - its hollow and the material color is visible at many points, so I guess it is original but not in the best shape , I am right? Is it a rare

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    Hi Serge,
    Yes, you are right.
    As mentioned, it was believed that this is a prototype, which I think so it never hit production line because Schickle shut down.


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    Circuit advertisement Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber, Tombac?
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    Quote by HOWitzer View Post
    My apologies.
    Fischer, you took part in this discussion yourself! Have you forgotten?
    It would have been a wet dream to hold it in person.
    This was suspected to be a prototype during transition from hollow to solid production.
    Skip said he saw yellow. Giel said that is red. Nevertheless a Buntmetall piece. Tombak. Cupal. Your call.

    Hi How

    Thanks for posting the pics and yes, I do remember this discussion on the other forum.

    I was actually e-mailed that set of four photo's by Skip almost two years ago requesting an opinion.
    Unfortunately, the badge never did materialize but for this brief moment on the other forum and disappeared just as quickly.

    My opinion on this one is as follows; I'm not sure what we are looking at...especially with just this four pics to go on.

    It could be a solid tombak example.
    It could be a cupal badge as you have pointed out.
    It could be a solid zinc example with a copper and/or brassy colored coating.
    The small circular depression on the left side of the reverse, what caused this?
    What are the grooves in the reverse?
    Why is there a casting defect or line running along the inside right hand section of the wreath?
    Are we certain this one is an original wartime example?

    There are multiple possibilities, nevertheless with the very limited information we have, none can be regarded as conclusive.

    In regards to the "prototype" theory between solid and hollow production techniques, this is also just speculation IMO.
    We do not know for certain what the progression line of the Mayer/Schickle Design of ISA's.
    There are theories that seem logical, but here again these are just theories lacking documentation to authenticate.

    Best regards, fischer

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    Hi Fischer,
    Yes, definitive conclusions could almost never be drawn - Just as the Junckers and many other unmarked or oddball pieces i.e. the P&L GABs in bronze.
    Buy the items, not the stories, right?
    What a shame that the badge just walked out on Skip. Maybe it could be advised to be removed from the database?


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