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For sel. Real or fake?

Article about: Hey i got my eye on this. But is it real or fake?..

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    Default For sel. Real or fake?

    Hey i got my eye on this. But is it real or fake?..

    For sel. Real or fake?
    For sel. Real or fake?

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    This one looks to be an original, purportedly made by the firm of Rudolf Karneth.

    I have attached an enlarged pic of the reverse. In looking at the circled area, it appears the little pocket between the k98k stock and the wreath has something in it. This could be flash that was not removed or some type of grease. On accepted RK examples that I have seen and have in my collection this area does not have anything in it.

    Secondly, and most important the catch appears to be missing. This is very detrimental to the collect-ability and value of the badge. As the RK examples are considered a relatively common variant, you might consider waiting for another.

    Best Regards, fischer
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture For sel. Real or fake?  

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    I agree with Fischer on this one, but I think it looks more like flash than grease. Not something I've noticed on R Karneth ISA's before. Good spot Fischer! Stewy

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    I wonder if what we are seeing in the photos is a blob of Vaseline. Pity the catch is missing as the badge has a good amount of finish remaining!

    William Kramer
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