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silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

Article about: i wonder if tis an good one or just crapp can you tell me? thanks andreas

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    Default silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

    i wonder if tis an good one or just crapp
    can you tell me?Name:  $(KGrHqV,!hUFDOpIbteqBRDkSM,h6w~~60_85.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  37.4 KBName:  $T2eC16hHJHEE9ny2tll!BRDkSmCdBg~~60_85.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  35.4 KBName:  $T2eC16J,!)kE9s4Z-5qPBRDkR75p)!~~60_85.jpg
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    thanks andreas

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    Default Re: silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

    Hi Andreas.

    While you wait for people to post try and do a search for similar badges using the search field upper right corner, perhaps that can help you in determining whether or not this is a good one. Chance is that other members have asked the same question

    My best, Chris

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    Default Re: silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

    An original design of riveted hinge and clasp Andreas - just a poor cast pot metal copy of it I am afraid.

    ALWAYS look at the detail - sharp features = usually good, soft features = nearly always bad!

    Regards, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Default Re: silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

    weel thanks for all info
    i had an bad feeling about it ,so i better leave it where it is (on the net ) so no harm is done (to me )

    gr andreas

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    Default Re: silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

    Yes, a fake badge. The giveaway is the fact the riveted hinge and catch plates aren't actually riveted at all but cast in as part of the badge.
    Best Regards,

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    Default Re: silver sturm abzeichen ...imo fake

    Hi Guys

    This one is indeed bad and referred to as the 4-rivet fake. The fakers like this obverse design and it can be found with several different hardware set ups.

    Here is another thread on these.

    Panzerkampfabzeichen und Infanteriesturmabzeichen

    Best Regards, fischer

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