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Article about: are this badge original, bronze und silver. Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Sturmabzeichen.

    are this badge original, bronze und silver.Sturmabzeichen.Sturmabzeichen.Sturmabzeichen.Sturmabzeichen.Sturmabzeichen.

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    Circuit advertisement Sturmabzeichen.
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    I'm not keen on this one. Lettering looks wrong on the makers mark, as well as the eagles head from the reverse. Better obverse pic would help. It's trying to be a 4 vein variant, not one I'd want in my collection. Catch is not original even if the badge is. Sorry, Stewy.

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    I agree with Stewy...better obverse photo's, especially of the Adlers head sculpt are needed to authenticate.

    Best regards, fischer

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    silver und bronze this badge.

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    Thank you for the additional photo's of your ISA, these are much better!

    First, in regards to the overall quality of the solid ShuCo - ShuCo Design variants...I consider this maker's quality control standards somewhat lacking when compared to many of the other manufacturers solid zinc ISA's.

    That said, I think this one is has too many issues and I would not want it in my collection. I have circled some points on the obverse that look to me like the base material is vary soft or lead like. The head sculpt is distorted and the normally detailed ShuCo front sight on the Kar98k has been smashed in.

    Best Regards, fischer
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sturmabzeichen.  

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    Default is a side by side comparison of your example next to one of mine that has the same wreath leaf vein pattern.

    Notice the detail differences between the two, especially the points I circled in the previous posts photo.

    Best Regards, fischer
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sturmabzeichen.  

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    hey boys,is this badge fake or original.

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