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101st Pre war patch

Article about: What are your opinions on this 101st pre WWII felt patch. I am only about 50% on it, and I have not been able to review it in hand yet. I will post better pictures later if needed. Is there

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    This style patch is pre ww2 but I dont think they were even worn or issued to the military

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    I have seen those too Phil, not sure if they were ever issued because the manual up until the unit patch was changed to the traditional 101st has the description of it being a black background.
    It may be an experimental color / patch the 99th had many different experimental colored patches in red green and white.

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    late reply

    The first pic is a repro , anything coming out of this seller is a fake , do not be fooled. The pre war 101st Division patches do not look like this style. The material is wrong , the thread is incorrect and the composition of the design is incorrect. Compared to originals this is way off the mark.

    The blue fully embroidered variant is a collector club or Patch King variant.

    99th or inter war period AUS patches 95th above are rare species and normally seen thin felt on felt on standard shield.



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