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37/40 BD blouse-missing badges

Article about: Hi Folks Came across this bd blouse on my travels recently and everything appears original apart from the fact that the buttons are missing as is the label so cant date it exactly as its com

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    Default 37/40 BD blouse-missing badges

    Hi Folks
    Came across this bd blouse on my travels recently and everything appears original apart from the fact that the buttons are missing as is the label so cant date it exactly as its completely sterile regards markings however whats got me stumped are the two black felt patches on the arms I believe the one on the left could signify No.2 Commando 5 Troop but the one on the chevrons on the right has me stumped,both patches have holes through the patch and through the sleeve which look as if they could accommodate badges with lugs ..but which badges ?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 37/40 BD blouse-missing badges   37/40 BD blouse-missing badges  

    37/40 BD blouse-missing badges  

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    I'm a bit surprised no one can help here. Its a great looking jacket.


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    Hi Ubique...Hang tight ...I know its been 8 days..but until the Mod who walks these hallways of this forum returns..I will keep your thread the top of this forum..until you get the answers you came here for.....Also you WILL get the help you need. There is no artifact that is left unanswered on this website..some take longer than others.
    I can understand your frustration . I know nothing of these jackets and it does appear to be in great condition..yet I am a German dagger Mod..and can only offer to keep your thread at the top until its answered.

    Regards Larry
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    Not the least frustrated Larry, just bumping up for Magu is all.


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    Nice BD.

    Nothing to do with the Commandos.

    I think the badges would be the Crown badges for a Staff Sgt.

    Research which Regt'd of the 79th Armoured Div did this in this style to find the exact unit.

    I have a similar 79th BD in my collection.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    This was posted on another forum and the answer given was that it was for the Westminster Dragoons who served as a flail tank regiment with 79th Armoured Division. Only Yeomanry regiments wore these extra sleeve badges and only the Westminster dragoons and the RTR units wore the tank arm badge in this division, so its yeomanry because of the extra arm badges, and W Dragoons because of the tank badge.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Hi Folks and apologies for my absence has a habit of intruding on hobbies...Yes it was also posted on the British and commonwealth badge forum and I tend to agree with the Westminster dragoons conclusion as I have sourced a WD badge and it fits the patch as if it had been there forever .

    Looking at the blouse more closely there is evidence of previous badges being attached prior to the 79th and armoured corps titles ,as Ade stated in his long ago post on a similar jacket you can see where the wool has ''depressed'' leaving a vague outline...which by the way is virtually impossible to photograph presently attaching period buttons (using period thread!) as they were all missing .This still leaves the mystery 'Black felt Circle' above the chevrons which may or may not have been a staff serjeants crown ,there is also the mystery of the Mention in Despatches / 'A' list oak leaf which is not being worn on any medal ribbon and is a pre 1920 version .

    I would dearly love to identify who actually wore this and my research continues ....and later tonight i'll add pictures of the blouse with the badge attached

    Thanks to you all for contributing

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    37/40 BD blouse-missing badges37/40 BD blouse-missing badges

    As per my earlier post heres pics of badge attached

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