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Badges - ID Please.

Article about: Can anyone please tell me what these badges are/were for. Thank you. Tom

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    Default Badges - ID Please.

    Can anyone please tell me what these badges are/were for. Thank you.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Badges - ID Please.  
    Attached Images Attached Images Badges - ID Please. Badges - ID Please. 

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    Default Re: Badges - ID Please.

    Hi Tom, sorry I don't recognise either of them.

    The first is similar but not the same as a British General Service Corps cap badge. (I think I have shown a wartime plastic one on the forum?)

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Badges - ID Please.

    Thanks Ade. I also thought it to be G.S.C badges at first glance, but as you say, not the same. The motto "Semper Paratus" is used by the coast guard, but cannot correlate the two. I see that these two are actually cast out of lead so no value to them, but am curious to know what they represent. The second looks to be an attachment, like what you would possibly find on shoulder boards, maybe Canadian, but not really a Maple leaf, now is it. Maybe some one else may have seen these somewhere.

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    Default Re: Badges - ID Please.

    A friend just popped in and identified the second badge for me. It is an Israeli Officer's rank badge worn on the shoulder board. It is also worn on the arm for SM.

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    Default Re: Badges - ID Please.

    Yes, on its own on the shoulder strap it's the symbol of a Major (I used to have a collection of Israeli from the 1970's - 80's but long gone now).
    Broned worn by the army on a red backing, the airforce silver on blue & the navy I think gold on white.

    I'm unaware of this small nsignia being used by Sergeant Majors as sleeve insignia, their badges are totally different, but it's worn pinned through the 3 cloth rank stripes of a sergeant by staff sergeants

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    Default Re: Badges - ID Please.

    Hi Leigh, the Staff sergeant idea sounds more plausible than the SM. Maybe I misheard my friend.

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