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British Army Badge Collection

Article about: Hi all, I have just decided to add to my collection of British Army 'Cap' & other badges. Now, I have previously only collected more modern badges that I know are genuine, because I was

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    Some better photos of the front would help too.
    Notice the R has a angled mark at the top corner on mine.
    Also the M is wider on one side than the other.

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    "The 'oval' capbadge is waay too shiny & I don't believe these should have a slider?"
    The 1st version cap badges did in fact have sliders on them .
    Better pics of that badge would help too.

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    Here we go... still not the best photos but hopefully good enough?


    All sold (though not over sold) as original but bought cheaply (mostly on eBay, except early 'oval' REME capbadge which came from a stall at a local antiques fair)!

    The 'better' of my two RFC badges with RFC/RAF fitter qualification badge:
    British Army Badge Collection
    ...the same badges, a little brighter but more shadow:
    British Army Badge Collection

    Already had some doubt cast on its originality. I'm even more doubtful now too as brass appears too 'bright' from the rear &, when handling it close-up today, I noticed traces of dried wax (or maybe boot polish?) that looks to have been used to darken the badge (excess brown deposits' on reverse). Can others confirm any other 'warning signs'?

    My 'less likely to be real' RFC badge:
    British Army Badge Collection

    Brass not so bright but worse definition & incorrect style lug(s)?

    My 'old style' REME set:
    British Army Badge Collection
    … again, same badges but taken in brighter sunlight:
    British Army Badge Collection

    Material all wrong for capbadge. Casting & lugs wrong on shoulder titles?

    Recce Corps badge (I've not even bothered with the obvious copy one):
    British Army Badge Collection


    Royal Artillery:
    British Army Badge Collection

    Came in Princess Mary Christmas tin with other genuine items (mostly buttons) but not convinced its contemporary. What era would this badge be?

    Pair of Bath Stars:
    British Army Badge Collection

    Same source as RA badge. Again what era would these be from?

    Post War (Queens Crown) Army Apprentices School capbadge:
    British Army Badge Collection

    I used to think later metal capbadges like this should have a makers stamp (usually on slider) but I've no reason to believe this one isn't real - I don't think this particular badge is 'desirable' enough to be 'faked'?
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    I have a chance to ask for opinions on a badge that I have an interest in before buying for once!

    Currently on eBay & reasonably priced:

    British Army Badge Collection

    The seller pics are all I have I'm afraid, but what do folks think of this example?

    In appearance its very similar to ones being sold by (I think) reputable dealers. But I know Rick, there's a warning sign in that it's being displayed on a coloured felt background!
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