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Thank you, I can only go by what this old friend said. he wanted me to have them (relics), and he may have gotten confused on this particular flag?!? he's only like 93 years old now (somewhere in there). I could see how he may get a bit confused LOL.

He served in Europe with the 45th Inf Division. He was there at Dachau when liberated. (Never told me hardly anything about that). Currently a museum is authenticating a Ink Stamp from Dachau, couple other sad artifacts, in which it needs to be in a museum (Loan). I can understand all the scrutiny involved to make sure relics are real! So i can only give my old friend the benefit of the doubt and believe his story. I suppose a KreigsMarine Flag could end up there? Anything is possible.
Shake his hand for me, they all did a fine job! These vets are sadly but inevitably becoming less and less each year