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Help Identifying British patches

Article about: Hello, I need help identifying the patches shown below. They came from my dad's collection and I believe most date to WWII era. Thanks in advance for your help Tom

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    I think the real experts have it nailed down, but I don't think anyone picked up that WLA was Women's Land Army....the Land Girls who worked on farms, keeping the farmers happy (but not always the farmers' wives). A good WW2 collectible.

    As we have some experts tuned in, can anyone tell me what (WW2) unit wore a royal blue shield patch with three golden wheatsheaves?

    Something to do with Cheshire, I guess, as this is basicaly the design of the WW1 badge of the Cheshire Volunteer Regiment.

    Any help appreciated and Happy New Year to all.

    Pat G.

    I'm not having much success w

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    The three wheatsheves on blue background is the 102 Transport Column RASC. Not sure of date used. Look it up on google, John.

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    Hi, John:

    Many thanks for the ID. A Birkenhead outfit so that makes sense.

    I still haven't dated the patch but you've given me a good starting point.

    All the best,


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    I am pretty sure that they were a post WWII T.A. unit, John.

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