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Help needed

Article about: I know alot of people think that it's just sitting in a drawer taking up room, but in the big picture of things, that flag is a part of your dad's life. I know that sounds corny, but I'm gla

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    I am new here..1st post so let me say hey to everyone.."Hey",, I have a question which I am sure someone here can answer. I have a 48 star US flag and a Nazi Flag. I am 100% sure the Nazi Flag is authentic. My dad would tell me stories when I was little about taking it during the war..But being young & dumb I didn't ask questions and dad passed 7 years ago...The Nazi flag is made of sturdy fabric compared to the USA flag..There are no eyelets? davits? on the Nazi flag just a small rope going end to end..hope I am making sense... Easier if I post pictures.. I am wondering if either one is worth anything and if so what. Any help, advice <good or bad> would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help needed   Help needed  

    Help needed   Help needed  

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    Totally original German Reichskreigsflagge . (State War Flag) It is very collectable and worth in the region of $500.

    The US flag is of course original too.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I'm sure that someone with more knowledge on the subject of flags will have answered your question soon.
    Regards, Simon.

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    Beat you to it Simon

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    Well done Ade,
    Question answered
    Regards to all Simon.

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    Beat me to it again

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    Thank you very much to you both...

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    Default Re: Help needed

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    Hi Stacie, welcome to the forum. Both are very nice flags. Put German Reichskreigflagge For Sale in any search engine on the net and you'll see what the going price is on different sites. You'll need to measure it and get the size of yours for comparison. It's your flag, so by all means you can do as you wish. But, since it's a family heirloom, maybe you ought to consider keeping it in the family. I know alot of people get sellers remorse after they sell stuff that has been in the family. Just a thought.

    Take care,

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    We must be on the same wave links..was just thinking about that..selling it or passing it down..Very small family..But will thinking that over in the next day or 2... Thanks

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