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Manhattan Project Insignia for Review

Article about: I found this patch on ebay and was enamored by the added yellow stitching. What do you folks think?

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    Default Manhattan Project Insignia for Review

    I found this patch on ebay and was enamored by the added yellow stitching. What do you folks think?

    Manhattan Project Insignia for ReviewManhattan Project Insignia for Review

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    Hey Joe neat patch but I have a question is there any source information that this was from that project?....looking at the yellow stitching around the border looks a little left to be desired we know during that time it was supposed to kept secret which would explain the homemade patch if that makes sense....but curious though if there is any other patches like this or information on them. Regards Larry
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    Hi Larry,

    Are you asking whether or not this patch is authentic or repro... Or if patches for the Manhattan Project ever existed in the first place?

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    Super cool patch.
    I hope it checks out OK for you.


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    I'm confident that the patch is authentic. From what I understand, after August 1945, the project wasn't so secret anymore... So insignia was authorized and worn. The project involved lots more than just scientists, there were THOUSANDS of support staff, guards, logistics personnel, etc.

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    Here's an interesting vid from Chris Deburgh's "The Leader" re the dropping of "Littleboy" on Hiroshima.

    3.53 into the vid.

    Chris de Burgh - The Leader Trilogy (Official) - YouTube

    The detonation sequence is interesting.


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    The patch is authentic U.S made. The yellow stitching is an embellishment added at some point by the wearer or next owner.


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    Looks fine to me.
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    This one is authentic I saw this one ebay and I too liked it but I thought the price was a little bit high

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    Thanks, Ade and gel.

    Yes, the price was a little higher than other examples for sale on ebay. However, this was one of the few that looked uniform removed AND something about the added yellow cross-hatch stitching spoke to me...

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