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My US flags and one "rare" piece

Article about: Good evening! I'll just post a fem pictures of the two flags i got some months ago here First up is the so called "Rare piece" i got it from a collector in the US and the story say

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Not to take the Thief Snyder's side in any way, but the story above is actually believable. One only has to look at Saddam Hussein's junk to know that at the end of a war, a victorious soldier only wants Something from the leader of the enemy for a souvenir. It's perfectly plausible to picture all the "1st In" guys taking everything of significance and leaving what they would consider rubbish behind, so the later arriving guys had to pick through the debris and find Something to bring home. Many guys ended up having to simply pick up a stone or a brick from the rubble, as there was literally very little else Left to grab but they Still wanted a "I was there!" piece to bring back. The sad thing is, many souvenirs end up sitting on a shelf somewhere in Iowa or Oregon and when the old man eventually does, no one realizes what it even Is anymore and they either get tossed in the garbage or sent to GoodWill. Things like the Blood Flag have been theorized to be "out there somewhere" and no one realizing what they really are. Sometimes we can get lucky and a new major artifact is "discovered" in an estate sale or such, but most times, things are lost forever...
    I see your point and agree, but the sheer amount of the junk that Snyder has is what's not believable to me. I can envision a souvenir hunter grabbing 'Hitler's mustache comb,' but fifty hairbrushes and a box of Eva's skivvies? That seems unlikely. It could be true, but I wouldn't buy any of it.

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    He could have been a closet cross dresser.
    Makes you wonder how many Chuck kept for his personal collection.

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