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ObKrieger's U.S. Patch Thread

Article about: Hi guys! I have decided to start collecting patches. I don't want anything too fancy, but I do want a complete set. "Complete" in my book is: Every infantry, airborne, and armored

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    66th Infantry div "Black Panther" division dad talked a lot about them as they relieved the 94th around Cherbourg harbor St Nazarath area they were torpoed by a U-Boat 5 miles out from harbor and lost around 700 plus peronnel on Christmas eve 1944. They relieved the 94 on new years day. There is another version of that with just the black panther head. Nice patch timothy

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    I really like the 25th div patch "Tropical lightning" "Electric strawberry" or the "Chu Chi national guard" as they were known in Nam. Uncle Marvin who was on Luzon talked about the Tropical lightning 25th holding a position after a "Banzi" charge. He said it looked like the Banzi charge had been struck with lightning. LOL anyway nice patch. They were featured in the movie Platoon written by Oliver Stone as I think he served with them in the Nam. I also had a platoon Sarge that served with them around Chu Chi he had been a tunnel rat with them as Chu Chi was a complex system of VC tunnels. timothy

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    No, no, I have the patch, my board not complete here, the picture 5 years old.
    I'm not in my house, I return home within 20 days and I'll do new photos of my collection and will give here.

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    Your black panther not have a beard, a panther with a white beard is here, the next version has yellow beard . I could talk about the patches with you a long time but my English is not good and American English is terrible.
    I apologize for my temerity.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ObKrieger's U.S. Patch Thread  

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    Today's arrival: 106th Infantry Division, the 'Golden Lions'. :)

    This unit is special in that two-thirds of it surrendered to the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. Such large-scale surrenders were very rare regarding American units during WWII.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ObKrieger's U.S. Patch Thread   ObKrieger's U.S. Patch Thread  

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    The patch 106th Div. also has multiple versions, your patch has a light brown hem face and my has dark brown hem and another has gold hem.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ObKrieger's U.S. Patch Thread  

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    Mo, this is a great thread. There are so many beautiful variations in the patches. They're like little works of art.

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    Yes, it is a wonderful hobby and you can get patches from WWII veterans, and these patches have a story and a soul.
    I hope you understand me.

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    I love collecting these things. I could easily see myself going for all of the variants someday.

    I only have eight more infantry divisions to go! I also want to get first pattern 94th and 45th division patches. Do you have any of those, Lupus?

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    First pattern 45th Div. (swastika) very hard to find original, I have this one reproduction only, but I can search only on Ebay, you have more options to search.
    The first pattern 94th Div. you can search easier, I have a gray border patch variation and miss khaki border green back.

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