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Paratrooper badge

Article about: Any info will be appreciated...MARKED N.S. MEYER on reverse bar .Dave H

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    Default Paratrooper badge

    Any info will be appreciated...MARKED N.S. MEYER on reverse bar .Dave H
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Paratrooper badge   Paratrooper badge  

    Paratrooper badge  

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    Well thats got me stumped, if i was to guess i would say its possibly Indian

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    n s meyer is an american firm dealing in insignia hope that helps no idea about the actual insignia some sort of para wings possibly for dress parade hence the blue things on the front


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    Thanks...Dave ...Tom.......Posting this for a friend , I figured it was American made insignia because of the N.S. Meyer firm from New York ,just wondering what country and type of paratroop unit it belongs to and value if any......Dave H

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    Parachute Jump Instructor Wings
    this info confuses everthing they think it is thailand basic army para wings but it doesn't have the clasp on the back which may have been addded later they want $5

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    Tom........Thanks for the info ...checked the link...and looks like the same one.....he only paid $3.00...great profit..LOL.......DAVE H

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    These are Thailand paratrooper wings, why ns meyer made them I am not sure they produced insignia for all types of countries. Also in Vietnam I believe is soldiers could wear these wings if they earned them which would make some sense then

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    They are Thai made para wings for the the Thai Army. Just the clutch mounting / suspension device was made by Meyer and added later by the wearer. Likely to facilitate getting the wing on and off of the uniform easier. The bar actually looks like one for ribbon mounting

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