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Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

Article about: RAAF Pilot Officer Epaulettes. *Make a Mental Note in your Brain about what I said in last post *

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    Default Re: Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

    No I think I will leave them. I'll have another look in a decade or so.

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    I do know where there is a nice matching hat badge for sale If you are interested

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    Always interested in having a look

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    Sent you an email mate

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    Cheers Luke

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    Here is the snap I took of my current ID Tag collection , although I have returned the first "Macauley tag" already to his Son . (His father died in 2002 ( of a broken heart after hsi wife died) .
    I have traced most but have not managed to locate all family YET!

    Several were born in 1910 and 1912 respectively so there is little to no chance of being alive ~

    I was concerned regarding the ethical aspect of even posting these on line ; but when my partner Ms M suggested I Google the subject I was surprised at the number even being offered for Sale ~ So much for Ethics (??)

    Tags are Stainless steel except for the strip tag

    - Macauley PK- 2/25 Aust Infantry Batt. (Born 1922)

    - Wallace G ? (Aluminium strip tag ~ no registry on the Nominal WWII site.)

    - Kaeth ? ( No service number on tag )

    - Zahmel ST 65 Aust Infantry Batt- BCOF (Served in Peace keep-force in Japan till 1948) (Born 1910 -
    Actually traced his Obituary -died 1965 ~ )

    - Buckland HJ -2/1 Pioneer Batt (Born 1912)

    At this rate over three sites I have NO doubt I will find more ~ even Warren at NQ Explorers has only found one.

    And then I have an unregistered USA WWII camp site which I have confirmed ~

    BTW the Copper star has a slight indentation in the centre but that is all ~ ??

    Interested parties can follow my Blog / progress ~ most recent ~ (6 pages so far) Fossick site Shots

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    BCOF unissued cloth patches

    Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

    I kind of classify these as WW2 as the occupation force was a direct result of that conflict.

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    Hi mate, good to see you made it back! And thanks for posting the extra picture

    The strip of metal with the South Australian blokes name on it is interesting and something I have never come across before. maybe it had a hole in the end that is missing and was a tag he made that hung from his kit bag or something like that.

    The two tags on the right of the picture are unfinished, whoever stamped them has made a mistake and just tossed them, for example you can see the one on the bottom right has the service number then BU... the soldiers name was Bartrim so obviously a mistake. This tag is interesting though as the soldier was from Bonalbo in NSW my grandparents are from there and it's where my mother and aunts grew up, I will ask my Nan If she knows who he is, there is a good chance she might as it was very small town.

    I still think the star has been taken from the front of a Jap helmet do a google search "WW2 Japanese helmet star" and see what you think.

    Cheers Luke.

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    Thanks for your prompt feed back regarding the BCOF ~ That's great !

    Some the history of what these blokes went through is quiet amazing . For example this seme site was where I found the Zahmel tag and assume he was originally associated with the 2/7th Cavalry and they ran Bren Gun carriers and served in the North African campaign before returning to Australia .

    I have found an array of motor vehicle parts ~ onsite ~ but ironically I also found a huge "I picket " which I thought was tent peg but after found a stirrup with leather foot rest I figure it was a horse tether ~

    So with that in mind it makes sense that the unit had at least one horse as a mascot (?)

    I should be posting a separate post here as I feel i am hijacking a (related) string (??)

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    Default Re: Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

    I just checked out your thread on the other site you have found a few cool relics mate

    As for the soldier who served on BCOF he would have been in a different unit when he dropped that tag, the WW2 nominal roll is very vague and only lists the from which the soldier was discharged from and as the 65th Australian Inf Batt was only raised in 1945 he most likely served within another Inf battalion during WW2.

    I also forgot to mention to give you ID on the other item you posted you have it listed as a badge/lapel mount. It is part (the back) of a single ribbon bar and given the time frame it was dropped and the area It would be for the Africa Star.

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