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Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

Article about: RAAF Pilot Officer Epaulettes. *Make a Mental Note in your Brain about what I said in last post *

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    Hi Guys,

    Selling this for $500 plus $20 postage within Australia.

    Postage higher for overseas. PM me if your interested.


    Quote by slickmick View Post

    I'm considering selling my 1st Light Horse Commanding Officer Patrol blues uniform (LTCOL Pye - Twice CO) to fund an expensive badge purchase.

    If anyone is interested, I can provide pics and more info - please send a PM.

    Note: the spots are due to the camera lens and aren't on the uniform.


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    Quote by Crossbow View Post
    Hi Everybody

    Just wondering if this 2/28th patch is original or not - I just picked it up! You're online expertise would be appreciated as I wouldn't know if the stitching or quality is correct!


    Gday Mat, There is a dealer selling ww2 Australian patches on ebay , they are all immaculate and im 90 percent sure they are fake. This looks a lot like one of them.
    The condition makes me a bit suspect, maybe try a blacklight on it. Hopefully i am wrong about this
    regards Paul

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    I looked up the listings on ebay, hard to tell from the pictures and there are no reverse shots.


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    I also have a lot of immaculate WW2 colour patches which are 100% good. I certainly wouldn't judge them by condition alone.


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    Here is a group of patches picked up last weekend at a militaria show in Indianapolis. I am assuming the qualification badges were Australian rather than New Zealand. Are these qualification pieces from the WW2 era? The ANZUK is Korean War or later.


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    Very Cool Jack

    Nice detail ~

    ( Got my very first Militaria convention coming up soon ~ The way we are going with the Relics we should be putting on a show ourselves ~ LOL)

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    Thanks Sweep, good luck at the show. collecting badges and patches can get addictive.


    - - ------- - -

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    Hey Jack, Just quickly I see that the middle left patch is Volunteer Defence Corps 42- 46 pic no 26 on my Museum tour has one there Bandiana Army Museum Wodonga Victoria ahh well here's a close up
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    Thanks Rene, from what I have read this group "VDC" was made up of older vet's from the Great War. Organized initially by the RSL, and similar to the British Home Guard.


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    Gday Fella's
    Here's some images from the 1944 publication "On Guard with the Volunteer Defence Corps" that may interest you Jack.
    Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

    Sorry about the order of the images. The first image is interesting with the Cam. panels in the top right corner.

    I will post some insignia over the week-end gents. Also a couple of Fur Felts in the Slouch Hat thread to post.
    Have a good one all

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