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Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

Article about: RAAF Pilot Officer Epaulettes. *Make a Mental Note in your Brain about what I said in last post *

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    Dave, great photos. Really captures the era and age of the men. I like the book cover with the Anzac veteran patch above the VDC badge.


    - - ------- - -

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    Great photos Dave, this is a terrific thread gents!

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    Cheers Jack and Dave
    I do like the concept of the cover myself Jack. The old and the bold

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    Just a quick side note,
    The bulk of the VDC blokes were arguably the finest assault infantry of their generation (WW1) and if the need arouse they would have held their ground against any opposition to the last I would feel. They knew their stuff well and their commitment was unquestionable.
    Good on them all.

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    'Old and Bold' or 'Rugged and Buggered' as they were also known...

    At the time when an invasion was expected, they were pathetically poorly equipped, many carrying single shot Martini Enfields or .320 cadet rifles-the army also had to collect WW1 trophy German Maxim guns from museums and war memorials, recondition and convert them to .303 to provide some sort of automatic fire support for them.

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    Hey ~blokes Looks like I am in trouble now ~

    Email just in ~

    Hi Stuart
    I have in my possession a WWI Service in Belgium award & some buttons. (In need of a good clean but otherwise good con. )

    They are yours if you wish.

    (could be dangerous for me ~ eh ! ? Small start eh ~ )

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    Hey Blokes

    Went out on a fantastic round two at the WWII training site ~ full update to follow soon ~

    But on the way home dropped into "Sandy's" place to pick her offer of the Belgium medallion ~

    Well ~ turned in to something totally unexpected ~

    It is NOT WWI ~ it is NOT Belgium ~ and it has NOTHING to do with Australia ~

    It is in fact a Netherlands resistence service medallion ~ 1944- 1945

    Google Translate
    Google Translate

    While it is unrelated to Australian service I imagine this is a rare service badge in itself ~

    So ~ while a tad disappointed ~ I think it is still a rare score..

    ( BTW she also gave me some 4 Aust Military forces buttons ~ with a promise to hand over even more bits and pieces ~)

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    I decided to stick the medallion in the Jewelery cleaner and it came up superbly ~

    (Living proof that Jewelery cleaners CAN work ~ Currently endeavouring to clean up the Aust Military Forces buttons up but they are much slower to respond ~ )

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    Did not think there would be large enough demand for this patch that re-do's would be necessary. The background cloth appears a bit darker than the original also listed.


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