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Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

Article about: RAAF Pilot Officer Epaulettes. *Make a Mental Note in your Brain about what I said in last post *

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    The only other time I have seen that Torres Strait badge the colors were purple over red. Anyone got a Glyde handy?

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    Mick,do you think your second badge is a CMF Engineer of some type??

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    Quote by Jack Kelly View Post
    Mick,do you think your second badge is a CMF Engineer of some type??
    I'm pretty sure the one with the purple square is RAE - just not sure for which command/unit. I can't find it in Glyde's book either.


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    The old Herald Sun guide shows RAE Land headquarters as red over navy blue under purple.The over colour is square as opposed to a rectangle though. I will double check that tonight for you as I'm only going off my failing memory.
    Picked up the Sun guide two weeks back for $35.00. Happy chappy now as I finally have a half decent guide as opposed to my rather limited computer files. Black and white can be hard to work with.
    I guess the Sun guide being a 60+ year old publication can be confusing at times also as the images tend to be a tad fadded and appear to be different colours in some cases.
    Cheers Fella's

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    Quote by Jack Kelly View Post
    Here is a pair of Torres Strait badges, the vertical panel on the Light Inf badge is dark green. The first badge reminds me in color of a MG unit but shape is not right. jack
    You do have an impressive patch collection Jack I must say again.
    I had an older customer my store a few weeks back who stated "we used to collect colour patches as kids (late 1940's). We used to swap them like football cards"
    I threw all my old Football cards when I moved from my parents home 30 years ago,I wonder how many patch collections suffered a similar fate and ended up as land fill.
    Tears are welling in my eye's

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    Thanks for the kind words Dave. As I had mentioned early in my postings that being in the right place at the right time helped build my collection. Was able to fast forward about 10 collecting years in one purchase.


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    Gday Mick,
    Was RAE Land Headquarters I was thinking of. The purple is a square though. Red over navy Blue under purple.
    I wonder if the first one has some link to a training unit as yellow was prominent in their patches?

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    As some may have seen in my latest Blog update ~ we were shown an stunning WWII and general munitions collection by a local MD and collector ~

    "Bill" has a wide reputation and gives lectures and talks on the subject of munitions and UXo involved as a resutl of the WWII events here in far north QLD.

    "Bill's" collection is STUNNING! I said I luv digging webbing buckles ~ he larfed and pulled out th elast of FOUR ammo box FULL ~ full of webbing buckles ~

    His trench art shelves are amazing ~ His regimental and unit badges are staggering ~ He has containers of unit badges !

    When asked his favourite score ~ this was found in Darwin ~ a Dutch Officers Flying unit badges served in Darwin during WWII ~

    Just a mere sample ~

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    Amazing, thanks for posting this. The Dutch pieces are quite unique.


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    I must say I like the two PIAT rounds in the second image.
    Nice stuff Sweep,
    Cheers for posting mate

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