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Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

Article about: RAAF Pilot Officer Epaulettes. *Make a Mental Note in your Brain about what I said in last post *

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    Have not posted any cloth in a while, so here are some CMF units. The Queensland badges color looks a bit orange in the photo however it is red in person.


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    Thats an Excellent Display mate !
    I love cloth insignia !

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    Thanks, I also enjoy cloth insignia.

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    As a follow on to a thread started last year by myself on an Australian Armoured officer's group. For some background the officers name was Norman Wesley Woodrow Wilson. Major Wilson was from Hawthorn, Victoria and had joined the Army Oct 16, 1941. Major Wilson " then Captain" served in WW2 with an Armoured Recon unit. From the best I can tell it was 2/9 Armoured, but not 100% sure. It appears he went into Armoured training units post WW2, remaining in the Army until 1951. I had shown a few of his post WW2 uniforms last fall. Mr Wilson moved here to the USA in the 1950's, resettling in Minnesota. All of the items had come from his daughter through a militaria dealer in that area. I tried to gather up as much as I could as the group was being sold in bit's and pieces. The beret shown here was posted by me last fall but what is new is his medal rack and a pair of Australia shoulder scrolls. All his medals are named and serial numbered. Still hard for me to understand how a family sells these things but if it wasn't for this we collectors would have a tough go at collecting. anyway here you go. Enjoy Jack

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    Jack-all Australian medals are named and numbered to the soldier-this is not the case for other British and Commonwealth personnel.

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    G'day gents,
    Nice items Jack, well done mate.
    I'm still attempting to find out more info with regards to the "bladed" lug GS badge you posted previously. Some say good but some are indecisive. Nothing concrete as yet.
    Your embroidered "Australia Titles" would be 1944-52 issue I believe

    "Approved for wear by all personnel who were serving overseas on special duties, liaison duties, or with the Aust. Army Staff, London, the Aust. Military Mission, Washington, or similar organizations. It could not be worn by members serving overseas as part of an operational force without the prior approval of LHQ. It was not to be worn prior to embarkation from Australia, and was to be removed prior to disembarkation on return to Australia, or on transfer to any area where members of the AMF formed part of an operational force. It was authorised in 1946 for wear by all personnel serving as part of the AMF component of BCOF, Japan. To be worn directly above the colour patch on the sleeves of greatcoats and jackets, SD. Wearing of these was approved by GRO 99/1944, 17.3.1944, as an optional item at private expense"

    For today a pair of "General Plastics" collars.
    General Plastics produced GS Insignia during the Second World War period and are a rarer maker.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	General Plastics Collar set 1.jpg 
Views:	65 
Size:	191.4 KB 
ID:	635358

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	General Plastics Collar set 2.jpg 
Views:	55 
Size:	163.5 KB 
ID:	635359Click image for larger version. 

Name:	General Plastics Collar set 3.jpg 
Views:	41 
Size:	192.4 KB 
ID:	635360

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	General Plastics Collar set 4.jpg 
Views:	28 
Size:	169.2 KB 
ID:	635361Click image for larger version. 

Name:	General Plastics Collar set 5.jpg 
Views:	38 
Size:	210.5 KB 
ID:	635362

    Hope you like them

    All the best


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    Thanks Dave. Nice looking G.S. badges. This next collar badge while not G.S. obviously used it for inspiration. the reverse has a Gaunt round plaque. some previous owner pinched the lugs together, blasted.

    Prior to getting this badge I had not heard of the Goldfields Regiment. Interesting piece.


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    That's a nice one Jack.
    This Regiment started it's life as the Goldfields Infantry Battalion with it's HQ in the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie WA in 1900. It's title was changed to Regiment in 1903.
    I would think your insignia would be from the 1903-1912 post federation era.
    Congrats mate and cheers for posting.


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    Hey Blokes

    Spent the morning "out in the Trenches" and dug up ~ literally ~ another Gem in the Rough!

    One more ( Hat ) Rising Sun ~ On site of 2/12 Field Ambulance Co/ 24 Australian Field company

    ( One more rescued from the bog of the retreating water of Tinaroo dam ~ ironically in the same area I started in January 2013! )

    Nice condition too ~

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    Dave, the General Plastics GS badges almost look to be an older style. The shorter or stubbier sun rays have an older look to them, as opposed to the longer sun rays.
    If that makes sense. An interesting pattern and one I would have thought was a WW1 piece. Learn something ever day.

    On a side note is it still terribly hot over there? We have been in a deep freeze here in the central US. Snow again today and freezing temps, been going on like this for a month now. As a kid I loved winter, now I cannot wait for it to be over.


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