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Post your WW2 Australian Insignia.

Article about: RAAF Pilot Officer Epaulettes. *Make a Mental Note in your Brain about what I said in last post *

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    Yeah they are fairly rare now but I do see one or two pop up every now and again although they can be very pricey... I could scan mine for you if you would like.

    Cheers Luke.

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    Luke, That would be great if possible.

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    Difficult to believe that anything that's just information (as opposed to the physical) could be rare in this day and age...

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    Quote by lithgow View Post
    Difficult to believe that anything that's just information (as opposed to the physical) could be rare in this day and age...
    Yes it does seem odd considering all the electronic resources available to us. This particular publication on cloth badges was done in period so likely a great reference and much in demand. When I first starting collecting Australian cloth badges I knew little or nothing. Then having bought an older collection that had been Id'd helped greatly. I have a better iidea when looking at cloth pieces now what they represent and the types of construction that would indicate a period made piece. However my knowledge is far from complete

    At the recent SOS "Show of Shows" militaria show here in the U.S. I found a medium sized collection of Aussie cloth. The dealer had acquired them from the estate of a retired U.S Army officer who had collected and is now deceased. they were all thrown in a box maybe 200 plus pieces but none identified. The dealer did not know much if any about them. I knew enough to know there were some better than average pieces in the group. Long story short the group was purchased quite reasonably because I could recognize many of the badges. The takeaway for me is that here in the U.S not much is known about Australian insignia due to a lack of good references, however for those that have some knowledge the occasional pickings can be good.

    Rambling On

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    I would love to get right into this stuff after seeing what you blokes have ~

    BUT I think considering my current "amateur -profession" of MD; the relics are already encroaching on my share of an already small unit ~ and unfortunately I have no kids, or even family members short of my brother ~ (and I have doubts of whether he will ever out live me ~ LOL) ~

    Plus I probably be divorced within six months ~ LOL

    My badge and button collection is already the envy of many ~ and still growing ~

    (Hmm~ I still got a lot more life in the old batteries yet!! Just maybe ~ Muehahaha!! Actually I have started doing walk thru's on garage sales around here which are bound to produce goodies sooner or later !!)

    More rambling!!

    BTW I am about to post a complete ~ well ~ 95% of ~ update of my current collection on my Blog ~ as requested last year ~

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    Don't think this has been posted but an intriguing item ~

    Is this worth collecting ~ Had planned to post earlier as it is now finished ~

    Colonial NSW Military Tunic | eBay

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    Not sure what the question is that you're asking-it's a high end area of collecting, not a great deal made or surviving (by World Wars 1 and 2 standards) and most of that in serious collectors' hands by now.

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    Cheers ~ I was considering placing a bid/s ~ but not sure of the real value there ~ seems the sale price was quite respectable for the seller that is ~

    ( The issue I have to consider on these such items is that I reside in the Tropics and such an item is a real issue with high humidity ~ )

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    Quote by lithgow View Post
    Difficult to believe that anything that's just information (as opposed to the physical) could be rare in this day and age...
    I was actually referring to the publication itself mate... But then again even the information itself is a bit thin on the ground as well, There was a great book done on the subject a while ago but with only one run which was small number it too has become quite scarce and sought after.

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    An interesting post as my cousin , sent me photos of his indeed rare collection of Rising Suns and a NZ expeditionary Forces badge.

    While I may have the (real deal on site) numbers up , he indeed has the quality ~

    The Copper Rising Sun the found in the field along with the more recent Brass but the NZ service badge was given to him as a kid by his Grandmother ~

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Collar & Tie Rising Sun.jpg 
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Size:	145.2 KB 
ID:	679724

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Modern Rising Sun.jpg 
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Size:	117.3 KB 
ID:	679725

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NZ 1st World War Collar Badge (Copy).JPG 
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Size:	76.9 KB 
ID:	679726


    My collection of Rising sun badges. I actually found the copper one years ago, whilst detecting in the back yard of an old house, that was being
    demolished here in Bundaberg. The Brass one Grandma S gave me when I was a little lad. The other ones, I have collected over the years.

    The New Zealand badge, is a World War I collar badge, Grandma also gave me this one. I think it belonged to her brother who was killed in the War.

    I took it to a military fare here at Bundy a few years ago, and they all wanted to buy it. No one had seen one before. It took me ages to find one on the net. It still has the brass pin with it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Brass Rising Sun.jpg 
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Size:	100.6 KB 
ID:	679723  
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