Not really sure where to put this one, so I figured this is about as close as I can get. It's "Regalia", I figure, so maybe it's okey. If not, please feel free to move it to wherever you deem appropriate! But, anyway, this is an odd little curio that I don't have a whole lot of information about it. There were, of course, Two "Laconia's", but the 1st one was an obscure ship that was sunk in the Great War as it went about it's business. The second Laconia, was, of course, the infamous one of the horrendous Laconia Order fame. This little shotglass souvenir set is more likely from the 2nd ship of it's name. I don't believe that it's a post-sinking piece, as it almost certainly would have been marked with more than just the ship's Name on it-the day of the attack and a fine bit of propaganda would have been a "must have" on it. No, I am more leaning towards it being from the ship's gift shop during it's Atlantic days in the 1920'2 and 30's. The Artillery Shell, perhaps, alluding to the sinking of the WWI liner. This is all speculation, naturally-it could just as easily have been a bit of rousing the US to war after the loss of 2 of it's citizens aboard the Laconia #1, but again, I can't imagine them passing up a great piece to fire up the anti-German sentiment with. Either way, it's an interesting little thing and I thought that I would post it here and see what all you might make of it. There are no markings at all upon it-aside from the tantalizing "RMS Laconia" on the band of the shell! A most unusual mystery!

RMS Laconia SetRMS Laconia SetRMS Laconia SetRMS Laconia Set