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Tank destroyers insignia plus tanks

Article about: Has anyone seen one of these? I found the big (17 in. diameter) Tank Destroyer plaque at a Ohio antiques mall. The panzer tank recognition model was another Ohio find. The trench art tank wa

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    Yes the term "Tank destroyer" was applicable to M50 Ontos , but there was no official TD "patch" post WWII as "Tank Destroyer" was a separate branch within the WWII organization and operations of the AGF.
    Now saying that, we know the GI was adept to using well known designs from WWII up to and including Vietnam. Some I can thing of is Ranger Diamond (subdued), 5th Ranger Bn subdued, the Korean war 187th Rakkasans subdued and color again these would of been individuals who had served in the units during previous conflicts and had them made for themselves and possibly others who served.
    I would also hazard a guess the TD emblem would of been used in some other unofficial usage during the 50's and 60's but there would need to be more research.

    Here's my TD with Hellcat tab

    Tank destroyers insignia plus tanksTank destroyers insignia plus tanks


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    Phil, I really like the hellcat tab, real ones are hard to find, very nice. I would again agree there was not any official td patch post ww2. Here is my TD art work from the barracks of a TD unit during ww2.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tank destroyers insignia plus tanks  
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Thanks for showing Marty.

    Its a great design really encapsulates the mission of TD.

    Ironically the 4 wheel bogie is the official design re OQMC drawings 1942.


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    Interesting finds. That Panzer IV recognition model
    is very nice.........!


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    Quote by tank destroyer View Post
    You are correct the TD's where deactivated soon after WW2.From what I can tell the cat was used in Vietnam by some US troops. In my unofficial opinion I guess maybe out of respect, as you stated in an unofficial capacity. I have not found nor have I really dug deep into the research but I do know that there were tank destroyer in Vietnam used by Us troops and Marines,one that comes to mind was the m50 ontos( weird looking).
    I loving the 105's on that bad boy . But tanks really were not the main players at that time so, Bring on the fire power!!!

    Semper Fi

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