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u.s patches

Article about: thanks patrick,i sent you a pm.

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    Default u.s patches

    anything worth bidding on tonight?thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture u.s patches  

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    Default Re: u.s patches



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    Default Re: u.s patches

    thanks ,,i think i told chris $10 but oh well maybe we will get them cheap?there is a neat little boat in a glass like thing..i will have to show it if we get it ..thanks steve!

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    Default Re: u.s patches

    OK, I thought it was just these four patches !


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    Default Re: u.s patches

    yeah,there is two other items one looks very old ?i will show everything tommorow when i pick them up.thanks steve..

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    Default Re: u.s patches

    Well Pammy the 66th division patch is worth about $10 max. $4 as a starting bid. Everything else is not worth much.

    My Best, Ty

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    Default Re: u.s patches

    thanks so much ! i let these go as you would not belive what they went for ...$65 can you belive it??

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    Default Re: u.s patches

    Owch!!!! sucker born every minute.....

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    Default Re: u.s patches

    yeah,a couple of new guys that seen i bid on it at the start at $5 then two other guys went crazy,..i guess a bidding war ?

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    Default Re: u.s patches

    Yeah, I know what you mean.
    Thats why you have to have some idea of what you are bidding on is worth etc.
    From the pic you posted you lost nothing.
    keep searching the auctions, flea markets etc.
    As i have found, If you keep looking you will find some truly nice memorabillia!
    And from what i have seen, You have!
    The b-24 crew photo is a real nice example. If you ever decide to part with it let me know!!!
    Good hunting, Patrick.

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