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US 12 Div. patch

Article about: Picked this little gem up today. Gary

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    Default US 12 Div. patch

    Picked this little gem up today. Gary
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture US 12 Div. patch   US 12 Div. patch  

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    Beautiful patch, Gary! Cool that it's scrap book removed.

    When I first started putting together my patch collection, I had no idea how rare this patch would be! The "Philippine Division", which later became the 12th Infantry Division was the primary unit that the Japanese defeated and forced to endure the Baatan Death March.

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    I thought you would like this one Joe

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    Nice find, Gary! Great story behind it, that Joe posted.


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    Thanks Mark .If only they could tell stories. Gary

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    Late reply

    This patch has always been Mis named . This was put on the Army scrolls 1922 as The Philippines Division until deactivated 1946.

    This was then reactivated as the 12th Inf. Division post WWII 1946-1947 before being deactivated.

    The Philippine Division patch you should be looking for, would be local theatre made , felt on felt or local material for authenticity.

    However to further muddy the waters , when the US entered the War , and division's were newly formed , created , reactivated etc.. the manufacturers of SSI started to produce patches in anticipation of activation , hence you would get the fully embroidered OD patches of The Philippines Division.

    In a nut shell "Philippines Division" pre 1946 , 12th Infantry Division 1946-47.


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