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US Aerial Gunner Wing

Article about: by yuengling325 Thanks again for the input, Steve! I got both wings and am now just waiting for T/Sgt chevrons. I'll post some photos of the displays once completed. Like to see your display

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    Default US Aerial Gunner Wing

    Hi All,
    I'm being offered this Aerial Gunner Wing and would like to get your opinion on it. I'm looking to pickup a WWII version for a family members display that I am putting together and I have no background on them at all! As I understand, the pin back version are WWII era (unless of course it is fake).

    Asking price is about $50, which seems reasonable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    US Aerial Gunner WingUS Aerial Gunner WingUS Aerial Gunner WingUS Aerial Gunner WingUS Aerial Gunner Wing

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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    This appears to be a good generic WWII era wing, judging by the brass pin.
    $50 is very reasonable. A nice example - I'd be happy with it for that price !
    These should be die stamped and exactly 3 inches in length, or just
    slightly over. ( clutch-back types were available by 1943 )

    I hope you are not going to alter it by removing the pin and attachments
    and mount/glue it to a board, or something similar....................!


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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Thanks, Steve! This will remain as is. I'm pinning it to a uniform to recreate the one my grandfathers brother wore when in the USAAF. He was a TT gunner and he died in Anstey, England when the B -17 he was on crashed on take off.

    Thanks again for your input!

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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Brave boys all. Nice that you are honoring him in this way, by recreating his uniform.
    Glad to hear you are not damaging the wings.............!

    Originally, anyone who was not the pilot on board an aircraft wore an 'Aircrew' wing,
    and when the 'specialist' wings became available, everyone wanted the ones with
    the devices on them, denoting their specific functions on the plane.


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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Thanks for the info, Steve. I've never had much interest in Airforce regalia however doing research on my great-uncle has opened me up to it.

    Below is a link to a thread I put together on him some time ago if you're interested. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Good stuff, Eric ! It is great that you have so much info about him !

    I tried to focus on only USAAF wings at one time, but soon found
    love for all WWI and WWII militaria...............!


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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Thanks, Steve! I wish I had more info, but unfortunately his records were destroyed in the fire of '73 at NPRC. NARA was able to provide me with a couple documents related to his death, but nothing on his service history.

    Similar story with me. I started with firearms and thought I would stick with that...then I moved onto helmets and the rest is history (no pun intended)!

    Well, I sent payment on this set and actually won another wing off eBay. I think I'll make a uniform display and also do a shadowbox with the second wing and some of his photos & medals. Now to talk the wife into doing some sewing for the uniform SSI.....

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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Since you seem to have extensive knowledge on the USAAF, I've been looking at period photos of uniforms and I see some individuals who wear both the USAAF SSI and the SSI for the numbered Air Force. Then there are photos where the person wears only one, which varies between the two.

    In my great uncles case, he was in the 8th Air Force. Would it be correct to place both on the uniform, and if so, on what sleeve? I assume the USAAF insignia goes on the left and the 8th Air Force would go on the right?

    Sorry to be so ignorant on this, but as I said, my knowledge is somewhat limited in things related to the USAAF.

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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Usually only one patch on the left shoulder, but if I remember correctly, during the war
    Airmen wore the insignia of their group, and upon their return stateside, they wore
    patches on both sleeves of the service tunic - the unit they were currently in at
    the time on the left - and on the right sleeve, the one they had come from
    overseas. It may have been individual unit or commander
    preference though.

    I recall some commanding officers not liking this trend and forbiding the custom
    due to jealosy, as some had not see combat/overseas duty themselves.

    I'll have to look into it and refresh my memory..............!


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    Default Re: Aerial Gunner Wing

    Thanks again for the input, Steve! I got both wings and am now just waiting for T/Sgt chevrons. I'll post some photos of the displays once completed.

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