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US Eastern Command-- Russia Patches

Article about: Hello, My Father was posted in Poltava Russia for a while (along with England, Germany, and Egypt). We have most of his uniform and patches. While searching the web I have been unable to fin

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    Beautiful Grouping!! That eastern command patch is another one to add to the list of rare items i need to look for at flea markets and antique malls.

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    I personally would not frame the photos for display unless they are kept strictly out of strong light to prevent bleaching and fading. My advice would be get them scanned by a professional reprographics company at high resolution which you could get printed out at larger size on archive quality paper....thus having the delight of enjoying the digital photo-prints on display and preserving the originals safely and the ability to share the images with others in the family who might also enjoy them.

    I can't advise as to values on your fathers service belongings but I would try to find out as much as possible about the obviously rarer items, record what you find to keep with the patches, record everything you can about your fathers service whether you decide to sell, donate or not it will add both historical value and monetary value in years to come.

    i see that i have replied to an old thread!
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    Agreed as to framing. You can frame the originals using UV glass and acid free paper backing/matting and low sunlight exposure.

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