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Us navy rating badges

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    The companies that made the rating badges sometime made rates in anticipation before they were approve by the navy. Even though so of the below rates were not approve the sailor wore them any way.
    Some example of pre ww2:
    Aviation Electrician's Mate was not approve until 1942. This one is pre ww2.

    Aviation Gunner's Mate, this rate was never approve(pre ww2)

    Aviation Yeoman never approved (pre ww2)
    Name:  picture 1000.jpg
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    WW2 examples that were never approved
    Officer Steward rating badge

    Pt boat rating
    Name:  picture 221.jpg
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    Ordnance Battalion was approve as adistinguishing mark only
    Name:  picture 221a.jpg
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    Aviation Radarman

    Storekeeper Technical

    Aviation Utility was approve as a distinguishing mark only
    Name:  picture 754.jpg
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    Just got these in.

    Aviation Quartermaster 1918-1921
    2nd class,1st class, chief

    Master at Arms 1893-1921
    These are in the 1918-1921 period
    3rd class, 1st class, chief


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    Fantastic thread. I'll have to dig up my patches and see if I have some of these older ones. Very nice collection.

    FTM3 USS Independence CV-62, 1981-1986 FOX Division

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    Hi Guys,
    I bought a old liberty jumper set. Could be Civil War also could be from 1866-1869. The uniform is named so will have to research it to determine the exact date.
    Any way thought I post the insignia here. Will post the uniform soon in the uniform section.



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    -058.jpgNot sure of this one, thought I'd share it.-056.jpg

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    Incredible collection Thank you, a superb reference this is just like a book


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    What Jason said is a fact, he has more rates than any other collector I know of, following in the tradition of the late John C. Helvey who was the "Father of CPO Rates." John A. Stacey and CWO-4 Lester B. Tucker would be proud of Jason who will continue when they retire from the field, hopefully not soon! I maintain a free website for collectors which they can download anything I have in 2,500 albums for free, even have the 1841, 1851, 1883, 1886, 1897, 1905, 1917, 1920 and 1941 Uniform Regulations of the United States Navy, colour plates are included which started in 1886 and lastly in 1941. Have uniform regulations for the Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Public Health Service and other nations too! That rate for a Chief Torpedoman qualified as a Seaman Gunner Jason uses for his avatar is outstanding! Don't know if we are allowed to show the address of other websites here? In any event, email me if you want to know. I do not want to break any rules knowingly here! Keep up the excellent work, Jason, you do us proud! Herbert Hillary Booker 2nd of Palm Coast, Florida 32137
    Herbert Hillary Booker 2nd

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    Thanks for the kind words Sarge!


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    Very interesting post, have learned a lot.

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    A collector in Poland sent me two packages filled with U.S. Navy WW2 CPO rates that I forwarded to John A. Stacey and he sent me two of his books autographed and dedicated to the Polish collector which I promptly mail first-class air-mail and they were quickly receiced and that collector in Poland is enjoying not one, but both of Stacey's well written and illustrated books. A story with a happy ending!
    Herbert Hillary Booker 2nd

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