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USA cap badge WW2?

Article about: Hello , It is a collar disc. The button is a WWI tunic button. I have to disagree with the comment on the post war hat device only having the pin or nut come off. This is untrue. The US Serv

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    Default USA cap badge WW2?

    Here I go again asking for info without pics, visited my local antiques and collectables fair and picked up what I hope is a ww2 US cap badge, it is a screw back in 4 pieces,(all on a threaded pin ) piece 1 is like the attached pic with eagle and shield, piece 2 is a brass coloured disc with an edge, piece 3 is a washer with two spikes or pins and piece 4 is a circular washer ,Name:  SKU1531web.jpg
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Size:  157.6 KBincluded were 2 buttons with the eagle design, maker marked Scoville mfg. co, these are darker than the badge, cost 7.00, Hope these may be WW2 any thoughts welcomed as they are an unknown qty to me,
    many thanks, John.
    ( will take pics in the daylight tomorrow)

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    Looks like it is from the 70s or 80s from the picture given definitely not ww2

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    Interesting, could you show the other pieces please?...
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    Modern EM cap badge. The buttons may indeed be
    WWII, but not this badge.........


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    Could we see the back

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    sorry for the confusion folks my fault, waiting for the camera batteries to charge so the pic I posted was a random one from google to illustrate the eagle, I realise this pic is showing a modern staybrite type badge, my badge is more the colour and feel of ww2 british cap badges, sorry for any confusion, if a mod could remove the pic please i will get some of the real one when the batteries are charged.

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    I think I understand you jwp, It is usually a good sign of a WWII cap badge if it is multi part construction. Post war they are generally stamped and the only removeable part is the washer or pin that holds the badge on. That is not a terrible price but here in the US I imagine they are easier to find / cheaper, post a picture when you can.

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    Definitely not a WWII badge. This badge is still being used today.

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Definitely not a WWII badge. This badge is still being used today.
    In post 6 he stated that the photo used was just a general example that is not the one in question...

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    ok here I go with photos of the badge in my possession !, once again sorry for any confusion re: my original post and many thanks for your help and patience thus far, the badge is just 1 1/2 inches in size so maybe a collar badge ?, couple of pics of the button too.
    regards, Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RIMG0026.jpg 
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ID:	608001Click image for larger version. 

Name:	004.jpg 
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Name:	010.jpg 
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ID:	608004Click image for larger version. 

Name:	011.jpg 
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ID:	608005John.

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