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USAAF ring

Article about: here is this ring i found a guy has , im not sure gotta be really careful with items like this

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    Default USAAF ring

    here is this ring i found a guy has , im not sure gotta be really careful with items like this
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture USAAF ring  

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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    Looks fine.

    Moved and retitled your thread to here

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    here is one i have what do you think ? USAAF ring
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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    Nice rings.

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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    Indeed - both nice rings - but the first is in very rough condition,
    and if it's sterling silver, worth only about $20-$30, IMO.........!


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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    Those rings are nice. That second one's a beauty!!
    Do they have anything engraved on the inside that would help identify the person who owned them?

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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    how much do you think for the second ring wolf????? its 10k gold , and no there isnt any engraving on the inside unfortunatley thanks for looking at it everyone !! carl

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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    If genuine 10K gold - and there will be a makers mark stamped inside, it has to be
    a couple hundred at least. I cannot see it all that well, as the pics ar blurry,
    but it looks plated from here.........


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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    yeah it is genuine 10k gold steve ive took it to a jewellers to find out !! i couldnt make out the hallmarks on the inside !! and i found it in a pocket of a 4pkt chocolate tunic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - - Updated - -

    is this pic better ??Attachment 407574

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    Default Re: USAAF ring

    No, it's worse. Are you using a phone to take pics, or resizing the first photo ?
    I'd need to see good, clear, super closeup pics the emblems/eagles on the
    sides, and the makers stamp too. Cheap copies have maker marks as well
    to try to make them appear more 'up-scale'.

    This ring comes off as 'generic', with nothing other than the wing emblem
    to show the wearers allegiance - though I can just make out numbers on
    the sides. Sometimes 'U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS' or 'UNITED STATES
    AIRFORCE' is seen around the stone.

    Seems there is wear to the rim around the glass or onyx stone, which
    appears as base metal in the pic. This is the impression I get from
    only one fuzzy photo - I could be entirely wrong.........!


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