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Various British insignia- WWII?

Article about: The one to avoid, mainly because they are modern ,are called staybrights, the badge is normally lightweight and has a very shiney coating which is very noticable, brass badges and heavier me

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    Firmin was another big maker of cap badges. The staybrights might be interesting, as I saw an SAS example once and you know it is not a fake, maybe I should have bought it.

    The badge collection for $15 is cheap, even if restrikes as they still go for about $5 each. You need better pics of each badge to tell and even then from pics it's hard to tell.




    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Infantry Regiments.

    Grenadier Guards,
    Coldstream Guards,
    Scots Guards,
    Irish Guards,
    Welsh Guards,
    Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
    Duke of Lancaster's Regiment
    Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
    Royal Anglian Regiment
    Yorkshire Regiment
    Mercian Regiment
    Royal Welsh
    Royal Irish Regiment
    Parachute Regiment
    Royal Gurkha Rifles
    London Regiment

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    Royal Armoured Corps
    Army Air Corps
    Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Royal Corps of Signals
    Corps of Royal Engineers
    Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
    Royal Logistic Corps
    Intelligence Corps
    Royal Army Chaplains' Department
    Adjutant General's Corps
    Army Medical Services
    Royal Army Medical Corps
    Royal Army Veterinary Corps
    Royal Army Dental Corps
    Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
    United Kingdom Special Forces (Reserve)
    Corps of Army Music
    Royal Army Physical Training Corps
    Small Arms School Corps
    Brigade of Gurkhas
    Media Operations Group (Volunteers)

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    did you say the badges/medals were 15? to be honest at that price i would be prepared to take the rough with the smooth!!

    all medals have a "catalogue" price so are fairly easy to look up and price. as has been said before^^^badges do have a certain smell, unless recently brasso'd. but of course ebay doesnt have a "smell"

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    hi guys i used to have a collection of over 200 british cap badges nearly half of them i found out were restrikes collecting of british cap badges is a minefield in the 1970s gaunt produced many pre 1950s cap badges for the collectors market from the origional dies all these badges are marked gaunt b/ham and all are restrikes one other way to tell if a badge is a restrike is if it bends under finger pressure but this is not 100% gospel as metals can change their compisition due to conditions or age also a name on the slider does not mean the badge is genuine as a lot of pre 1950s badges were not maker marked fakers do put maker marks on badge sliders many british cap badges are very valuble also pre 1930s bi metal cap badges had sweat holes in the rear this was to allow hot gasses to be released when the white metal was braised to the brass after the 1930s manufactures developed a new process that did away with need for sweat holes fakers drill holes in the fakes to simulate this process hope some of this helps most of this info i got from the great guys in a badge forum i joined kind regards duncan

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