thought I'd share some of this weeks pickup's with you all .These are still in the post so I have not been able to check them see if they have makers marks .I'm not even sure if they did back then ? The RAF badge cost me a little .Can anyone tell me what I'd expect to pay for a badge like this in this condition ? The Corps of Royal Engineers pouch badge was very cheap almost too cheap I would be weary but I think because it is missing it's 4 lugs and was listed wrong I got it very very cheap If people list on ebay they should list it right well my win I suppose .Dont forget when hunting online to search a few spelling mistakes and look for things that have been listed wrong. I bought these online from two different sellers. The guy who sold me the RAF badge is a good trusting seller with good quality kit that I'v bought off before .But thought this was ww2 british pilots wings He normally sell's US ww2 air force kit not much brit commonwealth stuff and never sells any RAF stuff either this is the first I'v seen from him. I thought I'd seen one like this but Pre ww2 .So I thought why not . The other seller this is my first purchase the pouch badge and it was on ebay.I was reading on the RAF site that they used these type's of badges up until 1925 is that right ? Or have I been jibbed ? It has been sliding around in a tin by the looks of it and is pretty rough . It has had a replacement slide attached . Is that what was used on these ? Or were the lugs standard ?any way hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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