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what is this badge supposed to be?

Article about: found this recently, and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what it is meant to be? kind regards Ed

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    Default what is this badge supposed to be?

    found this recently, and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what it is meant to be?
    kind regards
    what is this badge supposed to be?what is this badge supposed to be?what is this badge supposed to be?
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    Hi Possibly a sash or pouch badge for one of the rifle regiments?? Cast, possibly in silver, and wearing a Victoria Crown.

    Cheers MR

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    I think it's something to do with the military division of the Order of the Bath!...
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    The design reminds me of British Army Officers shoulder pips, they're very similar IIRC.
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    It appears to be the center piece for a Bell Topped Shako badge -1829-1844- though I don't know who used the order of bath symbol as its center piece. Perhaps a search of the battle honurs on the arms of the cross might narrow down the unit, though most of the Peninsula war army would have the same honours, Albuhera, Nive, Nivelle, Vittoria, Pyrennes. No Talavera or Salamanca etc so it should be possible to work it out.


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    I agree with Jerry that this looks like a shako plate centre but I can't think of any unit using the Bath Star emblem in this way either. For interest the motto "Tria Juncta in Uno" (three joined in one) is that of the Order of the Bath and opinion is divided as to whether this refers to the Holy Trinity or to the union of England, Wales and Scotland. The three conical shapes are representative of the mitre cap of a bishop. This as mentioned above is the main feature of most officers rank "pips" in the British Army (and police plus others for that matter). This badge shows a fixing method indicating it would be mounted on a hard surface rather than directly onto uniform material which is in keeping with the shako idea. However this would also fit with it being a cartouche or even a belt buckle badge . I am sure it is a military design because of the battle honours which would not appear on any other organisations insignia. It has often been the case that badges on straps, cartouche pouches or belt buckles etc were totally different to the headress badge. Unfortunately these tend to be a subject on their own and I just don't know enough about them. I think most militia and yeomanry units can be discounted as they would not carry honours from the Peninsula Wars but that still leaves many many options. Also I think the absence of certain honours is not neccessarily a point of discrimination as not every honour would always be on a units badges if they had too many to fit a design. Unlike the regimental and sovereigns colours which would carry all a units honours between them.
    It would help to know the dimensions of this badge and maybe where it came from could be something of a clue (unles it was found at a dealer of course).

    Sorry not to be more help but I am intrigued by this item and will keep looking as I would like to know as well!


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