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ww2 US patches

Article about: well i just read a guide on ebay, a guy posted something abotu how to spot fakes, and he collects the stuff, and it is said that the whiter the back of the patch, the chances are it is not f

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    Default ww2 US patches

    hey guys, i'm gonna start collecting ww2 division patches and i was wondering how to check if they are fake or not, just in case i get scammed or in case their discription of the item is a load of bull. any help would be nice.

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    i will be collecting US ww2 patches so yea

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

    Broadly speaking, most WW2 era patches will be embroidered onto a tan cotton backing material. After being cut from this backing, this leaves a tan coloured edge to the patch. WW2 patches will not glow under a blacklight and will have no synthetic thread used in their construction.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

    ok, what if they were never sewn on? cause i see a lot of patches with a white back on it, with sometimes a green edge too it.

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

    Sewn on makes no diference. This is part of the manufacture process. The white backing or the more scarce green is the bobbin thread used again as part of the construction.

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

    Jump on google and have a hunt around on the net there should be a wealth of info on there in regards to collecting these types of patches and how to spot fakes and tell what an original patch should look like.

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    I have a whole drawer full of patches, but ADE said it best, you need a blacklight, the bad thing there is if you buy it first, but if you can see the people who have them & check them out first , then you can save yourself time & money, I have quite a few ww2 patches that are new, but I have more that are not, I keep them seperate. I found a USS YORKTOWN patch the other day, I could tell that it wasn't fake, it's so old there are some spots in it you can see through, but I have a friend on ebay, that guy knows the history of about every division ever, so I have a lot of obsolete patches, etc, he knows I only like the real thing, then he writes out the history of them for me. anyway good luck, the best thing to do is find a book that has the history of different ww2 divisions, regiments, etc. best of luck to you.

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

    yea, well there are some people who say they are uv/ black light tested and they say its no glow.

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

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    Default Re: ww2 US patches

    ok haha i couldn't find a guide, thank you

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