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Wwii us? China? Ring?

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    Default Wwii us? China? Ring?

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    I did not really know where I should post this bu I hope here will work. Need help identifying this ring. Marked china on one side and 1945 on the other. with chinese characters inside. it appears to be an adjustable ring but is very heavy duty .

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    Default Re: Wwii us? China? Ring?

    Looks to ba a nice souvenir of 1945 China. As you probably know, Claire Chenault's
    CBI fighter group, the 'Flying Tigers' were based there, and it could be from
    someone who served with them, and they either sent it home
    or brought it back.

    The emblem is the head/face of a Chinese dragon, though it's upside-down
    in your second photo.............
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    Default Re: Wwii us? China? Ring?

    Hi Steve I looked at this dang thing for an hour trying to figure out what was on the front and you noticed instantly! I see the dragon now. Do you know where I could get someone to translate the inside?

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    I used to wear a detailed, three dimensional sterling silver Chinese dragon
    ring back in the '70's............

    As far as deciphering the characters, someone here may be able to !
    I'm sure we have Chinese friends here who would be willing,
    but only if they read the thread !


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    Default Re: Wwii us? China? Ring?

    That would be great! Its weird to me that its adjustable (though you would probably need a tool to adjust it because it does not budge manually) because of how heavy and well made it is . I would not be surprised if it was sterling. I will try to get better photo's of the inside up just incase anyone can make it out. Thanks for you help!

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    Not easy. Any help in translation would be appreciated!


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    Just wanted to let you know I was able to find a translator it reads "Silver" "Chengdu"

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    Usually, any hallmarks inside the band of a ring will be the maker and/or
    the grade of precious metal used, so it is not surprising that it
    says this. Great that you found out what it reads !


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    Hi, I read your post by accident. The Chinese reads from upper "Cheng Du" to lower "Wen Yin". Chengdu is a big city in south-western China and it might be the place this ring is made. Wen Yin means the silver with a purity of 93.5374% which literally means "pure silver"


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    Excellent US Serviceman's souvenir heavy silver Chinese Dragon ring! No cheap trinket here-this was a quality man's ring! Nice piece!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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