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Captured ISIL Armored Monstrosity...

Article about: I've been reading up on the current fight against the ISIL/ISIS Terrorists, and came upon this photo taken by the Kurdish Forces which recently liberated Kobane' from those savages... Note t

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    Quote by Aleksander P View Post
    Looks like an A7V . Depicts the status of their armament well, except even a 100 year old tank would beat that thing.
    I bet the Germans were glad they only produced 20 some odd of those things. Can you ever imagine going from that thing to making the Panzer IV or the Panther? They were definitely paying attention in WW1 to make that leap. I know the Tiger is the one everyone admires, but it seems like they brought in the A7V engineers in on that one IMO.

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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    A well aimed Brimstone would sort that thing out. Or due to the cost, we could just economise and use a high velocity stone.
    Ah yes, that beautiful modern military marvel of British invention, the highly prized Brimstone missile even the older single mode configuration would make their eyes water but as you say at 175,000 a pop just a bit of a wasteful way of irradicating such excrement when any moderately priced LAW (even RPG7) would surely toast their arses.

    This picture shows the kind of clowns albeit dangerous (in the way a rabid dog is dangerous) ones we face here but we should remember that most of the people they are trying to impress are just as simple minded if not more so and will see this as "an invincible war machine bringing wrath upon all who resist"

    We need to take these morons seriously in the same way that one takes seriously the wasp nest in the shed. Wipe it out with no mercy. They are not worthy of any level of respect as soldiers and it is an offence to refer to them as such.

    Apart from that, what an hilarious image

    Thanks for showing


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