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Look what i have found in my back garden.

Article about: by OKW Blue bird was cancelled due to the state of the countrys finances, sound familiar? er.......TSR.2............stop I'm filling up

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    Default Re: Look what i have found in my back garden.

    Loads of people have been trying to get that bloodhound. One reason given as not for sale it belongs to ATC unit

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    Most, brit vehicles of this period, i.e. Cold war, had experiments with flotation screens, with various degrees of success. Not rare, except a possible scarcity of big wheel ferrets.

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    Just saw this thread for the first time and immediately recognised the Bloodhound and AA gun as I often pass this place when out for a ride on my bike (FZS 1000). I have often thought to stop and have alook but always making too much progress now I see there is more inside so I will have to make an effort next time!

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