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What’s your favorite tank

Article about: Hello everyone, what’s your favorite tank, spg or Tankette. My favorite is the tks Tankette from ww2

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    AFV's always look great when they put on their makeup and a skirt,but they don't all have those slinky Stug lines.
    Runner up to the Bob Semple,Germany simply lacked access to NZ's corrugated iron.

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this iconic and excellent tank! Good armour protection and a more than capable 6 Pdr Gun, then 75mm and even the 95mm How. With it's ability to be used by the Engineers as a Bunker Buster a flamethrower or even a bridge, as well as a capable AFV in the conventional role it ticks the box for me.
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    For me the Soviet T-38. Not the best tank made....far from that actually with f.e. its too light armour. Still my favourite.

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    Praga LT vz. 38
    Praga began the production of light tanks in 1933 and gradually produced several models, whose peak was just the model Praga LT vz. 38. This light tank was successful in the tender announced by the then Czechoslovak army, which ordered 150 pieces of armaments, caused by the political situation at that time. Before the production was finished, however, Czechoslovakia was occupied and the occupying forces took delivery in virtually unchanged form. The tanks unfortunately served the German forces, which produced hundreds, newly under the designation PzKpfw 38 (t). LT vz. 38 was considered one of the best light tanks in the world in 1939, but due to the rapid technical development caused by the war, however, it has become obsolete at the end; nevertheless, after the end of the war, the renewed Czechoslovak army used over 30 of these machines.

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    Panzer 38 (T) I'm a man of strange tastes!
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    I have always been fascinated by Tigers. My dad, a ww2 6th Armored vet always talked about how scary they were. In reality, he likely never encounter one in combat but just the legend of them had US troops thinking a Tiger could be around every hedge row.
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    I must say that I love alot of tanks (ISU-152, Panther, IS-2, Tiger II, KV-1) but one of them are my favs ! The B1-Bis (battle of Stonne) and the Somua S-35 !

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