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Camo Helmet Italian M.33? Decal?

Article about: I was able to pick up this helmet in trade for a Bundeswehr mess kit. To me, it appears to be a proper WWII vintage Italian M.33 due to the smaller vents, gray/green leather chin strap, and

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    Italian M.33 with the typical brownish paint that indicates that this helmet was more than likely exported and used by the Spanish army. Underneath the original grigoverde paint with an emblem what could be an eagle, however I'm not sure. It's quite bright for an emblem however it is plausible...hard to judge by these photos!! Are you gonna remove the top layer to see what's underneath?
    Spanish eagles where attached with two holes or a clip. (Never seen them welded on)

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    i would say as others have itmight be a interwar spanish issue but but has no holes for the eagle insignia, as for the decal i dont believe it to be the r.s.i decal it looks to me like a rectangular shape judging by the outline what this would of been is beyond me its had a few repaints and it looks to have reacted with the previous layer ,my post war m33 had replica rsi decals applied by myself so i could of misjudged the correct height sorry i cant be any more help

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