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G.I.L. Postcard

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    Default G.I.L. Postcard

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    G.I.L. Postcard G.I.L. PostcardG.I.L. Postcard G.I.L. Postcard

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    Very nice. Did you have it translated yet?
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Quote by MAP View Post
    Very nice. Did you have it translated yet?
    Nope, but from the few italian words I can figure out, is about the issuing of the payment document for the Gil card (year XX).

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    Great piece. Rich A. in Pa.
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    Good morning,
    this is a supporting document, written on the back of a letterhead postcard, issued by the GIL Office of a town in the Liguria Region (Northern Italy), addressed to the Dean of a High School; in which it is explained that one of the students did not give the receipt of the GIL annual compulsory registration, because the local GIL section had temporarily remained without the receipt booklet, but in any case the payment was made and the receipt would have been delivered as soon as possible.


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    Thank you Roberto for your translation

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