hi I posted this on the German forum along time ago only to find out it wasn't German but a friend of min last night saw the pictures and told me its an Italian m39 desert tunic. I know nothing at all about Italian uniforms or anything but I find it weird that it only has 2 pockets on it and it has German buttons and on one arm is the outline of a removed Nazi eagle as where it would be on an SS uniform. I would really appreciate any help at all thanks!

certain places on it appear to have stitching removed next to the new stuff most notably on the buttons

stitching also removed there although higher up its easier to see in this picture

it has Wehrmacht collar tabs which is weird

this weird rank pip ish thing I found in one of the pockets

and as I said on the left arm there is the outline of a removed eagle also on one of the sleeves appears to be the outline of a removed cuff band but any help at al would be much appreciated and if any more pictures are needed just let me know thanks!