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Italian Flag captured at Tobruk by Australians

Article about: for sure! that would have been a great grouping, very frustrating, somtimes you just come along at the wrong time or go to the swap meet on the wrong day.......story of my life

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    Default Re: Italian Flag captured at Tobruk by Australians

    My grandfather has just passd on - aged 92 - served 8th army 'desert rats' as queens royal regiment - anyway, I have the italian tri-colour with gold crown above the shield which he 'liberated' from the italian headquaters in Tobruk - I have never seen another such example and its as bright as the day he got it. I was given it by him when i was 12, he took it out of an old tin trunk, along with a huge nazi red white & black air recognition drape (from a panzer), brass ring in each corner, from the desert campaign as well. Not for sale but thought it might be of interest!

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    I dont collect Italian....

    However, rarely does an item come with impeccable provenance as this flag. Bought directly from the son of the Senior officer that captured it. I am not at liberty to say who this man was, as i dont feel that the family would approve.

    The son himself is a collector, his father is in books, he showed me one photo of his father wearing his tin hat, and on the shelf in his office was the same helmet, quite a sureal moment, other evidence included letters and photos with montgomery, his uniforms and trunk this flag came home in, like I said this man was a Senior Australian officer.

    The flag was not actually for sale, but I had bought my RKF from the same man, and he wanted this flag to someone who would appreciate it. It was hanging in his antique store, and my "in" was the fact I was the only person who had come into his store and knew what the flag was, and the fact I had purchased the RKF.

    Needless to say a price was mentioned and there was no haggling, i felt that would be rude to haggle for such an item, if there is a period of time less than a nano second, then thats how long it was before I was at the nearest cash machine to get the money to secure this......

    I was given a period foto along with this,of the man himself in the desert and the persons details, I am going back tommorow to see more and be given more stuff!!!

    I will display this flag one day, folded, in a frame with fotos and history. until then its going in a airight bag and stored in a dark dry place.

    I cannot believe I own a peice of Australian war history, from a very famous battle in the 70th anniversary.


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    Default Re: Italian Flag captured at Tobruk by Australians

    This is very interesting for me as my father served with 2nd Queens Royal Regiment at Tobruk and received a Mention in Despatches there. There is a very good book on sale at The Surrey Infantry Regiment Museum-it is called Toil, Tribulation and Triumph and was written by Tommy Atkins who later became RSM of the regiment! Its a good read as it gives a vast amout of information on the 2nd Battallion from 1937 through to the end of the war and subsequent amalgamation with the 1st Battalion.

    I have a similar flag that was captured in the Western Desert-it has the italian family name on and the dates of birth of the children of the owner! I unserstand it came from the Western Desert and a POW but not Tobruk (maybe earlier). It did not come from my father but another member of the same battalion.

    I would like to donate it back to the family but I think this is a long shot.

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    Default Re: Italian Flag captured at Tobruk by Australians


    good story with a nice flag, I'm sorry to say that this flag is not military but
    civilian used by italian kingdom state because the Savoy shield it lacks the crown.
    Only the flags shield and crown are military.

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