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Italian helmet?

Article about: hi Frenchy, I think you did the right thing. There are still plenty of italian helmets over here, once you know how to recognize the pre 1945 ones, you will be ok

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    Default Italian helmet?

    I have an eye on this helmet but my other eye says there is some problem with the liner ,especially the white piece under the liner should not be there . Can anyone help my eyes go together on this one as not good at all or the shell is ok at least.
    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Check the liner carefully .... especially along the sides near to the chin strap mounts....
    Normally there is a production stamp and date stamped into the leather ...
    IE ... "Milano 38" (in a circle).

    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Thanks Gary for the info i will try to email the seller as i dont have access to it in person .And i will see if he can answer that question .
    But is the shell itself it genuine ?



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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Example ....

    Gary J.
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Name:	Wop Lid 4.jpg 
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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Normally the slightly pre-war ones are more of an "off-greyish-blue" hue ..
    The shell you've shown might have seen a wartime repaint ..
    And the one you have shown, seems to have a slightly wider flair round the edge .... (Not sure it this might be a sign of a post war item ??)

    Gary J.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lid 5.jpg 
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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Ok I see what you mean , i just emailed the seller and will wait for his answer as these are the only pics i have and Gary can i ask you another question ? How much those helmet can go on the market today if genuine ?
    Thanks for your help much appreciated again

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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Well, The one I have shown, was a sleeper.
    It was found in the bottom of a wardrobe when an old gentleman passed away.
    .. As a totally "clean" untouched, original, ... it sold for 125 GBP.
    .. which I think was a very fair price !


    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Thanks for your help Gary i know a bit more on them but as usual i lost the auction like i always say to myself it wasn't meant to be in my house (the joy of having a tight budget there is always somebody who have more money lol)


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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Hi you need to get better and more detailed pics of the lid, air vent rivets and liner. Considering the overall conditions though, I would pass on this one unless it is very cheap.


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    Default Re: Italian helmet?

    Hello Zeller it was at the last minute eBay auctionthat I wasn't prepare to pay a lot . I would not have time to get a better pic of the liner .

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